Monday, October 25, 2010


Bleh! The past few days have been long.. lets see.. Saturday I went to a wedding. It was A-MAZING! Congrats Beth and Tim! I Love You Guys! (they dated for 6 years! * insert girly squeal here* But before the wedding I went to the high school to drive for the first time! I only hit the bumpers of a few imaginary cars. Then after it was time to get ready for the wedding. I had an emotional breakdown while doing my hair. I wanted it curled and all my friends who help me were busy, so I tried to do it myself. To say the least I FAILED I ended up with just big poofy curlish things. So I decided I’d straighten my hair, then I go and burn my chin straightening my hair. That’s when it all came down, I finished my hair and ran up stairs and cried and cried and cried! But poor Brennen had to listen to me mumbling through gasp for breath. So after I calmed down I did my makeup and blah blah. Then went to the wedding. FAST FORWARD to Sunday.. went to church, blah blah.. and in the middle of Sunday school I got the giggles really bad. Fast-forward to later that afternoon. I got in trouble for doing what I do best, Getting an attitude with my mom. Lets not go into details but Dad was pretty ticked... so I spent most of the time in my room in tears, and by the time I would calm down enough to breathe I would find an old letter I had written to Cody (my.. Ex -those words.. I don’t like them-) And It would start again, crying to the point that I was literally coking on my tears. And blowing my nose on an old tee-shirt. Then finally it was time to go back to the church. Again I got fussed at in the car for my attitude. So when we get to church I’m halfway crying again. Then my AMAZING youth pastor Jeff comes running up to the car “YARBSTERS!” (my nickname from him) I smiled the best I could got the keys from mom and hugged Jeff. “Hey princess” (normally when someone calls me princess I roll my eyes because in my house my sister is the princess, the pretty one, but when Jeff says it I cant help but smile) As we walk of Jeff asks whats up, to avoid crying again I say “Nothin” “Nothing!? A girl never is not thinking of nothing, guys can think of nothing” It was about at this point I tuned out and focused my attention on the ground and tried to keep from crying... it didn’t work. So when he saw me he gave me the biggest hug. (something Jeff is very good at, Hugs that make you feel as if its all gonna be ok) And I simply said its been a long day. FAST FORWARD to today, It was a rough morning to say the least but when mom left to go do.. whatever I don’t even remember. Things got better I played my music and sang my heart out while doing school. At the moment I’m sitting in my house Without power. Will Write More Later.


Taylor Marie

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