Friday, October 22, 2010


Hey Guys! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday I was super busy. I had school, Drivers Ed (last class) then I had to clean my guinea pig cage.. Did I ever mention I have guinea pigs? Well I do! Moose and Little Bit :P

Then mom had some people over cause she was hosting a pampered chef party. So the house was full and busy. I stayed upstairs on the phone with Brennen| most of the time. Only coming down to see what food there was :P the only thing I ate were these brownie type things. I had like 5 of those. I later found out that the reason they were divided on the tray was because some had alcohol… oops! I got to keep the icing filler stuff and drew beards on my face with it.. I know, so mature. Now I’m sitting on the back porch doing school, watching the dog, well I WAS but she snuck off :| Either way, I’m on the back porch. And a pretty butterfly just flew by! I wish the leaves changed colors around here it’d be so much more pretty. Well I guess I cant complain at least its not 90 degrees outside.

Thankful for cool weather^

Taylor Marie!

P,S Will upload pictures of the pigs later.

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