Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Today I am in Galveston! Kinda bor ing. I spent FOREVER tr ying to get my blogger to look just right. I have drivers ed later, yesterday there was a bug flying around and it was driving me crazy! So I kept clapping in the air trying to kill it, looking like an idiot probably, finally it landed on the table! So I slapped the table really hard, my drink flew in the air then landed on its side Coke went EVERYWHERE.. and after all that the bug flew r ight in front of me! I came home to my dog Roxy covered in black spots, turns out that while I was gone she got mascara off the stairs and chewed it, so I spent about 30 min. scrubbing mascara off my dog and the rug ♥ I also had a weird\cute dream too, I’m not giving details but Brennen| was in it! After Drivers Ed my Daddy picked me up on the motorcycle, while we were driving and the song ‘Dynamite’ came on and I wanted to throw my hands in the air, but I decided that wouldn’t be safe : P ATM I am talking to Brennen | on the phone. Well Dinner is almost ready..

Taylor Marie

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