Monday, November 14, 2011


It has been a rather... eventful week.

On Wednesday, Mom started to clean out the attic. This resulted in lots of laughs from old keepsakes. It’s crazy all the things she kept. I wish I had thought to keep some out to upload, but I didn’t. We found so many old things, from school papers, to my favorite outfits. We even found a paper from Pre-K that said “I stepped on a peanut” It’s crazy to think I have always been so random. It was fun going through it all, but when it turned into a weekend project it got boring quickly. All of her cleaning made me want to clean out my room. I threw a lot away (if you know me that’s a big deal) I’ll add pictures of my clean room later(:

Oh and I have a confession…

The cat’s officially out of the bag… I have a boyfriend. And before anyone blows up my phone, Twitter, or Facebook. Let me just say, this news did not come out the way I wanted to at all. If you’re a teenager you understand timing is everything when telling your parents stuff… well, timing wasn’t on my side. Mom took my phone and found my texts, oops. Surprisingly she wasn’t mad, but she was upset that I didn’t tell her. I pretty much knew I was screwed when she took my phone and asked for my password, I instantly began to tremble. My breathing speed up quickly and I got very light headed and sick to my stomach. I began to sweat, even though my body was freezing. The only thing I could do was lay on the floor in the fetal possession. I eventually made it downstairs to attempt to start school, still shaking I managed to get on and I realized I had had my first panic attack. It was super scary. As I was reading about them mom came in the room and began talking to me. I didn’t want to tell her right away until I was positive so about 30 min later when she stopped talking I laid my head down. An hour later I woke up to her telling me to start school. I was shocked she let me sleep that long. But I needed it, I woke up feeling much better and explained everything to her. Moral of the story TALK TO YOUR PARENTS! Lol.

Yeah, that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Write again soon.

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