Thursday, November 3, 2011

Catching Up

I haven't written in forever. I would like to say that I've been busy, but really I'm just slacking.

But I plan on picking up where I left off, well the best I can. As you know alot has happened in my life in the past 6 months.

For starters, Brennen and I broke up, I prefer not to go into details so we'll just say we couldn't find a common ground on a few things, that was back in May, the 2nd to be exact. But before that my old youth pastor and his wife left our church, and needed a place to live, so they stayed with us for a few months. It was pretty cool, it was weird at first but then it just became the norm to come downstairs and see Jeffy (Jeff) in my kitchen. I really liked having another girl around. Sarah and I got to hang out when she wasn’t busy or at work.

In June I spent a week in South Carolina with my cousins, I flew there and back by myself, it wasn’t the best flight but it could have been worse, I mean the plane could have crashed and I could have died. So I’ll take creepy old guys dissing on my Bush t

o a plane crash any day. It was right after I got back that Brennen and I broke up, that has been rough, but I’m taking it a day at a time. For awhile I seemed to have gone off the deep end, I fell back into my old ways, talking back to my parents, giving them attitude, cursing to myself and my friends. Lying about where I was specifically. Never getting into real trouble but that’s beside the point. I recently straightened back up, I still slip up every now and then, but I catch myself. I started running, it’s weird cause I hate running but for some reason it feels good to just hit the streets and run.

Over the summer I made some new guy friends, Nick and Dakota. I describe Nick as the perverted funny one, and Dakota as the charming retard who’s always hopelessly in love with someone. Of course adding 2 boys to our circle of girls hasn’t been easy, rather than ‘so-n-so was talking about so-n-so’ it’s become ‘so-n-so was flirting with Dakota’ this has been interesting and annoying at the same time. (Pictured on the left, Bekah, Sasja, Dakota, Lauren, Me) We also got a pool, which currently is covered due to the colder weather. I am going to be an AUNT! To a baby boy! My sister Amber is pregnant with a boy! He doesn’t have a name yet, we just call him Bubbles. He is due sometime in December.

In July I went to Wimberly, TX with my neighbor Ms. Sheri, her daughter Kara and her family, we brought my friend Lauren too. The house we stayed in was super pretty! It was right on the river which all the kids were in pretty much all day every day. It had a rope swing were we all officially mastered the art of swing the rope hard enough so the next person in line could catch it. While we were there we rode zip lines, which was pretty scary because you had to learn how to stop yourself! The course had eight separate zip lines. Each line ranges in length from 150 feet to about 900 feet. The zip lines were between two hillsides above a valley at a maximum height of over 100 feet and you went down them at up to over 30 mph. It was pretty intense. Lauren On The Zip Line >

In August I went to Kemah Boardwalk, where I rode 2 rollercoaster’s! If you know me that’s a big deal! Considering the simple fact I HATE heights and rides, the two biggest ones I rode were Pharaoh's Fury and Drop Zone, the scariest was the drop zone, if you have ever been to Astro World, this ride is similar and often confused with Dungeon Drop. Pretty much you go up about 140 ft in the air (That’s about 14 stories high!) then you drop. SCARY!

Nothing really interesting happened in September.

In October we got another dog Sammie, she's 70 lbs of crazy lab. She loves to drool all over me, it's super gross! But she's a cuddle bug!

So yea I think we’re pretty much up to date! Yesterday Mom and Dad surprised me with a guitar! It’s a YAMAHA, it was my dad’s stepdads or something. It’s just temporary, to prove I’m serious about learning. It takes a lot of dedication for something like this, but I’m up for it. I can’t say the same about my poor fingers; they are torn up from the strings. But the pain will so be worth it when I can play full songs rather than the 2 chords I know. Hopefully soon I can post a video of me actually playing something. Until then I better practice. Later guys!

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