Thursday, December 15, 2011

I have recently been exposed to the horrifically hillarious yet disturbing world of Jenna Marbles.. And I am offically ADDICTED. I just finished watching a video called "Things To Do Instead Of Cleaning Your Room" Needless to say, can totally relate. So I began thinking of all the things I do instead of school work. The list is as followed:

1. Organize My iTunes
2. Google Cat Videos
3. Click a math lesson
4. Decide the math is too hard
5. Go back to cat videos
6. Pandora
7. Make a list of songs I want to download
8. Download songs
9. Tumblr
10. Listen to newly downloaded songs
11. Open history lesson
12. Discover it's an essay assignment
13. Go back to Tumblr
14. Download iPad apps
15. Skype with Brendan
16. Try to jailbreak my iPhone
17. Get mad and throw iPhone
18. Run and apologize to iPhone
19. Pet the dogs
20. Do some retarded dance
21. Tell myself to focus
22. Stare at the clock
23. Stare at mom
24. Get told to focus
25. Stare at the computer
26. Make a stupid list
27. Complain that my butt hurts from sitting
28. Go to the bathroom and make faces at myself
29. Start school again
30. Think about how hungry I am
31. Actually go to the bathroom this time
32. Spend 5 minutes trying to count how long till schools out
33. Recount cause I know I messed up
34. Do a math problem
35. Sign out of school.

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